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Vadosuuuu by Samantha062104 Vadosuuuu :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 17 6 The God Above All by Samantha062104 The God Above All :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 19 0 Filthy Mortals. by Samantha062104 Filthy Mortals. :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 7 0 Hanging Out~ by Samantha062104 Hanging Out~ :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 13 2 The Ultimate Evolution by Samantha062104 The Ultimate Evolution :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 10 0 Vados - chan ! ! by Samantha062104 Vados - chan ! ! :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 6 3 omigosh she's beautiful by Samantha062104 omigosh she's beautiful :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 16 0 Vadoss by Samantha062104 Vadoss :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 8 0 Universe 10 Angel by Samantha062104 Universe 10 Angel :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 6 0 Universe 2 Angel by Samantha062104 Universe 2 Angel :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 4 0 Vados Thingyyyyyy by Samantha062104 Vados Thingyyyyyy :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 9 0
Vegeta x Saijata (OC)
((Alright, so Bulma is in this, she's still the brainy person and what not, but she's not married to Vegeta ^ ^))
     Saijata P.O.V -
     I sighed. Honestly, it was really boring. Here I am, just lying down on the grass, right outside the skirts of West City. I tried to just fix the machines I have at home, but honestly, I didn't feel like it. I just don't feel like doing anything, to be exact. I've been working on this new Gravity Chamber with Bulma. Apparently, Vegeta blew it up, in some sort of way? I don't really know how, but it doesn't really matter. I've just been so weak since I've been staying up fixing the Chamber for the past week.
But, the upside to this is, I was able to see Vegeta much more often, now. He'd always be in the Gravity Chamber, and he'd barely come out. But now, it's broken and he's out and about! I sighed. But it's kind of hard to talk at him. He'd glare at me like I was a measly bug he was about to squash under his foot. Mayb
:iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 1 3
Happy Birthday Ciel!! by Samantha062104 Happy Birthday Ciel!! :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 18 0 Alois Trancy!! WOO! by Samantha062104 Alois Trancy!! WOO! :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 25 0 Just My New Icon Bigger I guess by Samantha062104 Just My New Icon Bigger I guess :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 4 7 Something Once Lost, Will Never Return... by Samantha062104 Something Once Lost, Will Never Return... :iconsamantha062104:Samantha062104 14 4
Stuffz that I draw. Expect shifts from fandom to fandom. ouo


Whis X Reader: Chapter 2: In The Sunlit Garden
BTW, I imagine the Reader wears her kerchief the same way Disney’s Cinderella does when she is a maid
You were awoken in the morning to a strange place. You awoke without the sound of a rooster. Your eyes slowly opened...and it all came back in an instant.
You were now a prisoner to Lord Beerus.
If you hadn’t spent your tears crying last night you would have cried again.
But then again what good would crying do now. You took a deep breath in, as you mentally grounded and centered yourself before getting out of bed.
You made your bed first, old habits died hard, you guessed, and in a ray the ritual was comforting adding one sense of normality to this very stressful and strange situation.
But once the bed was made, you weren’t sure of what to do next. You walked around the room, and past a mirror, you noticed that your hair had become greasy. It wasn’t a surprise since you probably hadn’t even bathed in the last two days and not to mention the stress.
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 2 0
Whis X Reader: Chapter 1: The Greatest Cook Ever
Who would have thought that skill in cooking could bring such tragedy?
That was your family for generations. A countless line of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters had suffered for the skill you had been so called “blessed” with.
The women in your family were given the blessing of being the greatest cook ever, any universe, any time, and dimension.
It sounded good doesn’t it? After all, making delicious food and having others and, of course, yourself to eat sounded like heaven. Surely, you could open a restaurant somewhere and become wealthly off that.
Well, many of your grandmothers had tried just that...only to end in disaster.
The earliest record was an ancestors of yours who tried it ended up being a prisoner of the Prince of the Providence and was forced to cook without any form of payment or compensation. Your ancestors remained there till the third generation, where the Granddaughter was finally able to escape.
From that point your ancestors records we
:iconrosemaiden92:rosemaiden92 5 1
champaNvados by Aznara champaNvados :iconaznara:Aznara 33 9
Have My Paint Tool Sai !!!
While I have my sai files up for download and what not - please know I am not an expert at fixing them or figuring out these problems! I get a lot of people who ask me how to do certain things and often times I cannot provide an answer. Simply because I really don't know how to help said problem! The most I can say is to uninstall your tablet drivers and sai, restart your comp then reinstall. It usually works but that's literally one of my only solutions. I hope everyone understands! and Thank you again for your lovely Support! ♥
ALSO NO!!! This has 0 Viruses! None! Nada! Zilch! I would never give anyone a virus because that's a nasty thing to do so no worries my friends! Happy downloading! 
UPDATE #1 | 11/27/16 : Apparently some of ya'll are getting viruses??? Even though I myself have never put them there. I'll see what I can do about that my friends - this is possibly because of the file
:iconvilebile:VileBile 2,174 1,537
Floating panels in Sai settings by SageMint Floating panels in Sai settings :iconsagemint:SageMint 737 137 Baby lizard by AkariMarco Baby lizard :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 22 4 the new baby by Aznara the new baby :iconaznara:Aznara 25 17 Mojito's new job by AkariMarco
Mature content
Mojito's new job :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 13 13
Mojimini by AkariMarco Mojimini :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 19 3 Cus birth by Aznara Cus birth :iconaznara:Aznara 18 9 Friiiiiiiio by AkariMarco Friiiiiiiio :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 25 17 walkthrough MARGARITA by Aznara walkthrough MARGARITA :iconaznara:Aznara 4 0 Margarita by Aznara Margarita :iconaznara:Aznara 26 7 GREAT SHOES by Aznara GREAT SHOES :iconaznara:Aznara 15 1 kaio shin by Aznara kaio shin :iconaznara:Aznara 22 2 KxW by AkariMarco KxW :iconakarimarco:AkariMarco 12 9
ye things that I like and what not


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~Vados is Bae~
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"Oh hey Cry Baby I brought a Cake to your Pity Party and a Sippy Cup for when you eat your Milk and Cookies , but don't forget to wash your hands with Soap also I brought you some Training Wheels for when we play Tag You're it with Mrs. Potato Head , Teddy Bear , Alphabet Boy and don't forget about Mad Hatter. Afterwards at our Play Date we could play in the Dollhouse. And then after that, I wanted to take you on a Carousel but tell your mom to keep your sister quiet like for real, Pacify Her. But If it ends in a Bittersweet Tragedy you'll be Dead to Me..."

My birthday badge

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Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara So, quick Bio, I started drawing in Kindergarten, I think, but didn't really take it seriously until 3rd grade?? Well, I'm still kind of young so I still can't make a profit, but I hope for art to be my job one day!! ^ ^ Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara

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-Stamp / Danganronpa. by PrettyHappySTAMPS || Danganronpa Stamp || Fukawa Fan  || by Izza-chan Junko Enoshima | Danganronpa by JustYoungHeroes F2U stamp: Celestia from Danganronpa by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U stamp: Kirigiri from Danganronpa by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U stamp: Celestia from Danganronpa by Aqua-Spirit22 F2U stamp: Monokuma from Danganronpa by Aqua-Spirit22 Byakuya togami stamp by moeco Danganronpa 3 : Despair Arc stamp by Eti-blanca Peko Pekoyama Stamp by DarkTortureX

Hetalia Stamp-Austria by Tyley-Brittany Russia Stamp by Lindajing APH - Nordic Stamp by Gabbi APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Ludwig Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Yao Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Kiku Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Heracles Stamp by Chibikaede Stamp: SwedenxFinland by Janbearpig Hetalia Snow - Stamp by Nami-DA

Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 3 by wow1076 Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro Shingeki no Kyojin - Annie Stamp by Felune-Bun Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by Suelen-Akita SNK Erwin Stamp by RoxyOxygen SNK Mikasa Stamp by RoxyOxygen SNK Hanji Stamp by RoxyOxygen SNK - Stamp by StampsFA Wir sind die Jaeger stamp by psyxi0 Mikasa Ackerman stamp 1 by psyxi0

Spirited Away: Chihiro + NoFace Stamp by smileystamps Spirited Away, Stamp by HarukotheHedgehog Spirited Away No Face Stamp by iLickTurtles Howls Moving Castle Stamp by SnapesImp Marco | Howl's Moving Castle by JustYoungHeroes Calcifer's Curse by dinofsilence Totoro Stamp by sparkycom Totoro Stamp by Nocturne--Pixie Studio Ghibli Stamp 25 by Flusjaa Studio Ghibli Fan by Sharkfold

L stamp by Okami-Moony L stamp 3 by Okami-Moony The god of the new world by Okami-Moony Mello's WTF face stamp by Okami-Moony OMK by jocund-slumber Ryuk Smiling by Vexic929 DeathNote- Light Yagami Writes by Cathines-Stamps Death Note Classroom Stamp by maniacthelunatic L + Cake stamp by the-emo-detective TLFHA by LinkMasterXP

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Haikyuu - stamp 31 by YaYa-chin Hinata Shouyou - Stamp by Replica-sensei Haikyuu!! Stamp #1 by Janoneee Kageyama Tobio - Stamp by Replica-sensei Haikyuu!! Stamp: [Determination] by Riazey Haikyuu!! Stamp by Janoneee Haikyuu!! Stamp by PaperCactus Haikyuu!! Stamp: [OhNoUDidn't] by Riazey Haikyuu - stamp 28 by YaYa-chin Haikyuu - stamp 20 by YaYa-chin

Ouran Stamp by TenneStamp Ouran stamp by wallabby Ouran stamp2 by wallabby Rosy Kyoya Stamp by VirulentRequiem Ouran: Dancing Kyoya by Kaze-yo Tamaki Stamp by MisakiAmour Ouran: Hunny- Big Eyes by Kaze-yo Ouran Stamp by Vexic929 Ouran: Tamaki's head explodes by Kaze-yo OhSHC- Twins by dream0writer7



The Ultimate Evolution
woahhhh Frieza?? And in a style similar to that of Toriyama's?? Woahhhhh- Emoticon DanceDanceFrieza 

I drew it cuz he's coming backkkkkkkk >3<


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